The qualification process for a Speiz tenant

March 16, 2023
The value of the qualification process

Speiz tenant qualification is the key process for suppliers to evaluate and verify potential tenants. By taking the time to qualify potential tenants, suppliers can determine whether tenants are a good fit for them, and help to ensure a successful and mutually beneficial business relationship. 

By using the qualification process, suppliers can ensure that they are doing business with a reliable tenant who can be trusted to make timely payments and adhere to any contractual obligations. This can help to minimize the risk of payment delays, non-payment, or other issues that can arise from doing business with an unqualified customer.

Speiz Qualification Process:

Disclaimer: The process defined below is performed by Speiz platform and Speiz team.

Landlords do not incur any manual process

→ Tenants need to provide their business-details; organization numbers, user name, and more.

→   Then Speiz platform extracts additional information from Proof Forvalt, which is a Norwegian platform providing information on companies and organizations. Our team does a KYC process to verify the identity of their users and assess the level of risk associated with them.

→ This information is then shown in the "Tenant Card" visible to suppliers on their Speiz Dashboard, which you can view further down.

→ Speiz Success Manager calls tenants to update their information and understand their needs ensuring the quality of the data provided.

A tenant card example 

With the Speiz´s qualification process, landlords can rest assured that they know who their tenants are and whether they align with their specific criteria. This also saves them a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent qualifying potential tenants.

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The qualification process for a Speiz tenant