How does Speiz acquire tenants?

March 13, 2023


Speiz has over 500 businesses registered as tenants on our platform today. They come in a variety of sizes, from scale-ups like BOLT to larger corporate companies like Elecnor. This diversity of tenants helps us serve a wide range of customers and provide solutions that meet the needs of different types of landlords. At Speiz we use different methods to attract tenants to our warehouse leasing platform. These include:


  • Advertising on Finn ads can also be ordered through Speiz with a special discount that you can review after you register on Speiz platform. Warehouse spaces listed on Speiz platform are often listed on to attract what we call “exclusive tenants”. is complimentary to Speiz platform and a great channel to generate traffic, however, it provides generic traffic from high to low-quality leads therefore leads qualification is necessary. More about leads qualification via Speiz platform below.;

  • Re-targeting tenants: Many tenants onboard on Speiz platform due to an interest in a specific warehouse space but for various reasons, they don’t end up renting it. However, they still need a warehouse and are actively searching for other options. The platform encourages tenants to consider renting other warehouses on the platform by providing them a list of new suggestions - like your warehouse. We call it leads "re-targeting" or "recycling".

  • Paid advertising through Google Ads: Google Ads is a paid advertisement method to promote Speiz platform as well as specific warehouse spaces on Google. Google Ads allows businesses to create and display ads for them, where they bid on specific keywords related to their business. This helps Speiz to attract tenants who are searching for warehouses to rent. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is a way of making Speiz website more visible on search engines like Google. We do this by creating content that includes keywords related to tenants interest. For example.: "Warehouse rent in Oslo". When users search for those keywords, Speiz website shows up at the top of the search page.

           Here is an example webpage that drives tenants traffic to Speiz platform

  • Word- of- mouth and organic traffic: Previous Speiz tenants often recommend the platform to others who are looking for a space to rent. 


By using these different channels, we´re able to attract and retain tenants on Speiz platform. We´re always working to improve our efforts and find the optimal channels to attract tenant registrations.

Click here to learn more about Speiz´s tenants qualification process


How does Speiz acquire tenants?